"I think we might be outlaws, I think I might be in love,

Cause I’m just an outlaw, wanted if you want me

The evolution of hairstyles abound…

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In honor of Autumn coming soon, here are some happy dogs that love the fall weather are aren’t afraid to show it. Have a great day everyone.

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The Wallet Ninja

It has the same size as a credit card, so you can easily put it inside your wallet. There’s six Hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler (standard & metric), letter opener, box opener, phone stand, and eyeglasses, Philips and flathead screwdrivers. It’s made from 4x heat treated steel, and comes with a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, dull, or fold up like Circuit City.

GET your own Wallet Ninja ($14.99)

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High-Speed photographs of ink dropped into water.

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A nation becomes what its young people read in their youth.

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